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11 February 2013 NASA A thumbtack icon indicating this entry is stuck to the top
Discuss general topics with regards to our Image Detective system.
20 April 2017 NASA
Photos that are in the pick list for over 20 weeks are now being removed from the pick list. The idea behind this is that if they are in the pick list for a long time that suggests they are too difficult to find on the map and removing them prevents the pick list from accumulating unusable photos.
4 October 2014 WTDoor
How should very thin clouds be handled? I recently had several images that were 100% covered by a very thin, high altitude cloud layer but none of the surface features were obscured. Submitting them as 100% cloud covered seemed technically correct but perhaps misleading, so I went with 0% because all of the surface was visible. What is desired?
27 September 2014 foxylynn
It has been about two weeks since my last submission and I am getting rusty already. I forgot to put the coordinates into my latest submission. Could you please note that image ISS036-E-36039 is centered on coordinates 35.919563,77.210624

I apologize for this error. Is there a better way of contacting you when a need such as this arises?
14 September 2014 foxylynn
Is there a way we can submit corrections once an image is submitted. I just submitted a number of images that started in France but the last two were just over the Switz border.I didn't notice the border until just now, the coordinates and place names are correct but the country needs changing.

Also, I have been meaning to ask, will these pictures be viewed in their original orientation? If so then rarely is north up so would it be useful to indicate compass directions and which direction the top of the page is facing. Which leads to my next question, is there a character limit to the comments we submit?

The two images that need the country changed from France to Switzerland are ISS036-R-18800 AND ISS036-E-18799
30 August 2014 MoeZen
Will a 2nd plotting overwrite the 1st?

I lined up the center point and zoomed out to get see the labels on the map. I submitted the image without zooming back in and, as a result, the center point was nowhere near where it should be.

If I re-open the image and re-plot, will this overwrite the error?
(If not, then ISS005-E-11441 needs to be corrected.)
22 August 2014 NASA
MoeZen: Thank you for identifying an issue. The possibility you mentioned could very well have happened; astronauts typically take several images in sequence, and those are usually of very similar areas. The other possibility is something went wrong with the graying out of the images that you have already cataloged. We are looking into this issue now, and it should be fixed shortly.

We have also added more images to the Pick List so there is a greater repository to choose from.
22 August 2014 NASA
tallbob29: Great question about what happens to these astronaut photographs once you submit them.

Once you submit an image for approval, we in Crew Earth Observations review your submission to check for accuracy. You receive points for submitting the image, and extra points for any features you provide along with it. Your points are added to the system once per day, as that is what our scripts allow. We upload your image, and once it has been approved, anyone may search our database based on the criteria that you provide. For example, this image ( was cataloged by our Image Detectives. About halfway down the screen, you will see the "Identification" section, and under "Features", it mentions "Public Inputs". All of those inputs were from our Image Detectives, and now anyone can search for one of those features and this image will come up.

Our Image Detective users are helping our repository of millions of astronaut photographs become more useful to scientists, teachers, media, and the general public as a whole. We appreciate all of your contributions!
22 August 2014 NASA
tallbob29: The images in the Pick List are updated once daily. Due to your suggestion, we will increase the number in the Pick List to a higher number so you and other users may have more to choose from. Thanks for the suggestion!
21 August 2014 MoeZen
2 questions:

1- is there any way to get more images? Yesterday I identified all the photos in my queues, except for a few that stumped me. I had to wait until today to get new images.

2- I believe I am getting the same images sometimes. I have started keeping a log of photos I identify, but some of today's photos I had before. In fact, I even recalled the name of the lake, in Algeria! Is this just a different photo from a set?

Thanks, Moe
21 August 2014 tallbob29
How can I get a new set of images in the 5 "Pick an Image" pages? I have found and submitted all but two of the 60 images presented to me. (I can't find the last two.) And I would like some new images to work on.
20 August 2014 NASA
klipsch49er: You may see how many points you have by checking on the High Score page: Find your user name in the list to see how many points you have.
20 August 2014 NASA
Jerseyguy: You may check to see how many points you have by finding the user name you created in our list of user points:

As for your badge number, you may see it one of two ways: 1- go to and enter your credentials. Once you have successfully entered your credentials, you will see your badge, and 2- your badge should also be on the screen each time you submit an image for approval.

Please let us know if you have trouble resolving any of your two questions.
19 August 2014 klipsch49er
How do I see how many points I have?
18 August 2014 Jerseyguy
How do you check how many points you have? Also, my login has been approved but how does one actually get a badge #?
18 October 2013 NASA
The ability to register an email address to be used to send credential reminders to for in case you forget your credentials was added. Use of it is optional. It can be managed on the detective login page.
16 October 2013 NASA
The option to use a maps view in the window used for selecting photographs to work on was added. A new checkbox in the window for selecting photos, "Show Maps", will switch to showing maps with the nadir coordinates annotated instead of showing the photograph images when it is checked. To switch back to showing the photograph images, uncheck the box. This allows you to toggle between maps and photographs.
23 July 2013 NASA
Even some of the "easy" imagery picks are a challenge to locate. If anyone comes up with a type of search pattern or other helpful hint to first find the general location on the map I would appreciate it. This would be even before trying to align the image to it's location on the map.

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