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11 February 2013 NASA Issues A thumbtack icon indicating this entry is stuck to the top
Having problems? Let us know here.
11 February 2013 NASA Questions/General A thumbtack icon indicating this entry is stuck to the top
Discuss general topics with regards to our Image Detective system.
18 September 2017 NASA Issues
An issue was found that was preventing catalog data from being submitted. The issue was fixed. We apologize for this.
20 April 2017 NASA Questions/General
Photos that are in the pick list for over 20 weeks are now being removed from the pick list. The idea behind this is that if they are in the pick list for a long time that suggests they are too difficult to find on the map and removing them prevents the pick list from accumulating unusable photos.
23 October 2014 NASA Issues
Server patches disabled one of our servers for a few days, which caused the image detective system to be down. The issue has been resolved.
26 August 2014 NASA Feedback
Stargazer: completely separating image location from annotation of the visible features. This looks like a really good sophistication for our project in the longer term. Different sides of the brain!
26 August 2014 NASA Feedback
MoeZen: The image ISS036-E-16046 seems to have a wrong camera time in original metadata, a problem that occasionally occurs. But the image was subsequently cataloged ( ) and shows up as Memphis, TN airport. Sorry you had a bad experience with this frame!
26 August 2014 NASA Feedback
MoeZen: We'll look into it. Thanks.
26 August 2014 NASA Feedback
-- It certainly would be helpful to recreate the previous settings only ONE click away -- "do what I just did on the next image" button seems like just the kind of solution that a computer should be able to solve. We'll look into it.
-- recurring to the last pick page looked at ought also to be doable.

Thanks for the inputs, CDR.
26 August 2014 NASA Feedback
LegenDaryl and image rotation: We understand the problem. We'll look into changing this, but may have to live with it.
26 August 2014 NASA Feedback
LegenDaryl: Good suggestion that other users have made. We're looking into it.
26 August 2014 NASA Issues
A problem that was causing credentials to not be presented on the internal page for approving them under certain conditions was resolved and those credentials that were awaiting approval due to this issue were approved.
22 August 2014 NASA Feedback
CMDRSHEPARD: Great feedback, thank you.

The Pick List is updated once the images have been identified and submitted for approval by any user. Once the images are identified, new images come in to replace the existing images.

As for seeing the same images in the Pick List: it is very likely that you did not improperly locate the image. We typically have access to review new imagery that our Image Detectives submit the day after you submit them. Therefore, in the mean time, they may show up in your Pick List until we have had the chance to approve them. We have recently been notified of an issue that images a user has already identified do not show up as "grayed out", or unavailable to re-identify. That issue is currently being fixed.

Thank you for all of your feedback. We will plan on creating a PDF version of the tutorial so users may have that asset as well.
22 August 2014 NASA Feedback
klipsch49er: We can understand how that could be frustrating. We will look into giving user scores on the main Image Detective submission screen.
22 August 2014 NASA Feedback
tallbob29: Thank you for identifying the issue of images not graying out after you have identified them. We are currently working on the issue, and it should be fixed shortly.
22 August 2014 NASA Questions/General
MoeZen: Thank you for identifying an issue. The possibility you mentioned could very well have happened; astronauts typically take several images in sequence, and those are usually of very similar areas. The other possibility is something went wrong with the graying out of the images that you have already cataloged. We are looking into this issue now, and it should be fixed shortly.

We have also added more images to the Pick List so there is a greater repository to choose from.
22 August 2014 NASA Questions/General
tallbob29: Great question about what happens to these astronaut photographs once you submit them.

Once you submit an image for approval, we in Crew Earth Observations review your submission to check for accuracy. You receive points for submitting the image, and extra points for any features you provide along with it. Your points are added to the system once per day, as that is what our scripts allow. We upload your image, and once it has been approved, anyone may search our database based on the criteria that you provide. For example, this image ( was cataloged by our Image Detectives. About halfway down the screen, you will see the "Identification" section, and under "Features", it mentions "Public Inputs". All of those inputs were from our Image Detectives, and now anyone can search for one of those features and this image will come up.

Our Image Detective users are helping our repository of millions of astronaut photographs become more useful to scientists, teachers, media, and the general public as a whole. We appreciate all of your contributions!
22 August 2014 NASA Questions/General
tallbob29: The images in the Pick List are updated once daily. Due to your suggestion, we will increase the number in the Pick List to a higher number so you and other users may have more to choose from. Thanks for the suggestion!
22 August 2014 NASA Issues
A cookie problem that was causing tutorial test submissions to skip over the congratulations page wherein users create their credentials if those users have previously visited the regular log-in page was fixed.
20 August 2014 NASA Questions/General
klipsch49er: You may see how many points you have by checking on the High Score page: Find your user name in the list to see how many points you have.
20 August 2014 NASA Questions/General
Jerseyguy: You may check to see how many points you have by finding the user name you created in our list of user points:

As for your badge number, you may see it one of two ways: 1- go to and enter your credentials. Once you have successfully entered your credentials, you will see your badge, and 2- your badge should also be on the screen each time you submit an image for approval.

Please let us know if you have trouble resolving any of your two questions.
20 August 2014 NASA Feedback
geoDude55: Another good suggestion, but one that might require a little more work and take some time to implement. We will certainly look into it as an alternative, as it does sound very user-friendly.
20 August 2014 NASA Feedback
doylesangel: That is a great suggestion. We will do what we can to incorporate user points onto the main Image Detective cataloging screen.
20 August 2014 NASA Feedback
geoDude55: Thank you for your feedback! We have added the sun azimuth angle to Image Detective for user convenience. This angle is the clockwise angle in degrees from north to the sun, and as geoDude55 mentioned, this should aid in rotating the astronaut image when locating the center point.

Good luck!
25 March 2014 NASA Feedback
Is the training video too long to any one? Would include a text version of the steps which can be printed be helpful?
18 October 2013 NASA Questions/General
The ability to register an email address to be used to send credential reminders to for in case you forget your credentials was added. Use of it is optional. It can be managed on the detective login page.
16 October 2013 NASA Questions/General
The option to use a maps view in the window used for selecting photographs to work on was added. A new checkbox in the window for selecting photos, "Show Maps", will switch to showing maps with the nadir coordinates annotated instead of showing the photograph images when it is checked. To switch back to showing the photograph images, uncheck the box. This allows you to toggle between maps and photographs.
15 October 2013 NASA Issues
An issue with detective badges not showing up when the badge button is clicked was fixed. The badge button is on the small window you get when you submit a record for a photo and only shows up if you have a badge.
19 September 2013 NASA Issues
Thanks for letting us know, mike_nasaman. The issue has been corrected!
18 September 2013 NASA Issues
Thanks Mike for your input about the points. We have to check into what happened and fix it. We will gladly accept any other suggestions which you may have to make our Image Detective activity easier to use or more attractive to new users.
23 July 2013 NASA Feedback
I think it would be interesting to pick or submit a request for our own selected images that we want to locate from the uncatalogued images on the Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth website. Does anyone else think they would like to be able to pick some images for themselves to locate?
23 July 2013 NASA Questions/General
Even some of the "easy" imagery picks are a challenge to locate. If anyone comes up with a type of search pattern or other helpful hint to first find the general location on the map I would appreciate it. This would be even before trying to align the image to it's location on the map.

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