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30 August 2014 MoeZen Questions/General
Will a 2nd plotting overwrite the 1st?

I lined up the center point and zoomed out to get see the labels on the map. I submitted the image without zooming back in and, as a result, the center point was nowhere near where it should be.

If I re-open the image and re-plot, will this overwrite the error?
(If not, then ISS005-E-11441 needs to be corrected.)
27 August 2014 MoeZen Feedback
I think accuracy could be increased if it was possible to move the (center) point in the photos. Lining up the center points can be difficult. If there was a way to move the point in the photo, then specific geographic/geologic features could be used for pinpoint placement. In some instances the placement could be withing a few meters of the true position.
25 August 2014 MoeZen Feedback
Would it be possible to have a button that would let us give-up on a photo? For lack of a better term, it could be called the "Uncle" button. Maybe by saying "uncle" the point value could be increased and the photo could either be passed to another user, or put in a public queue where any user would have to chance to identify the location. Photo ISSO36-E-16046 drove me nuts for, sadly, about 4 hours (cumulatively over a few days). I don't give-up on puzzles, but even grid-type searches, of a very large area, didn't work. Now I'm curious!
21 August 2014 MoeZen Feedback
How about adding a way for users to "opt in" to show their email addresses. Or make a true forum board, where registered users can post and respond to other users. I could see this becoming like other forum boards.
21 August 2014 MoeZen Questions/General
2 questions:

1- is there any way to get more images? Yesterday I identified all the photos in my queues, except for a few that stumped me. I had to wait until today to get new images.

2- I believe I am getting the same images sometimes. I have started keeping a log of photos I identify, but some of today's photos I had before. In fact, I even recalled the name of the lake, in Algeria! Is this just a different photo from a set?

Thanks, Moe

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