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28 August 2014 tallbob29 Feedback
Thank you for adding pages to the set of images we can select. I was often running out with only five.
And I notice you are now sorting the images by point value (I'm assuming the higher point images are more important to you), which is also nice. There are two further refinements that would be nice to have.
1) List the images from highest point value to lowest point value (the opposite of how they are listed now). That way it's easier to start with the most important ones.
2) Add a field so that we can jump to a particular page rather than having to use the left/right arrows. This will save us a fair amount of time.
21 August 2014 tallbob29 Feedback
It would be nice if you put a post (maybe in the General topic, or in a FAQ topic) that explained what happens to these images once we submit them. It would be interesting to know the remainder of the process that goes on and where they end up.
21 August 2014 tallbob29 Questions/General
How can I get a new set of images in the 5 "Pick an Image" pages? I have found and submitted all but two of the 60 images presented to me. (I can't find the last two.) And I would like some new images to work on.
21 August 2014 tallbob29 Feedback
It would be nice if, when I start a new session, the images that I've submitted in previous sessions are not presented to me on the "Pick an Image" pages. For example, today, when I logged in, about 4 of the 5 pages contained images that I'd submitted yesterday (or the day before), and only about 10 new images.
21 August 2014 tallbob29 Feedback
It would be nice, on the 5 "Pick an Image" pages, if the text for images I've already submitted stayed "grayed out" for my entire session. At present, when I submit images, the text stays grayed out for a while, but then goes back to white. Bottom line: The text color (gray or white) is not a reliable indication of whether I've submitted the image already, or not. So I must keep track separately.

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