Database Change Log for 1999

This log reflects changes performed by the curator. Other data additions are done on an on-going basis by the catalogers.

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  1. December 29, 1999: Added code to the SQL queries to send a "start" command to the SQL Server service before running the query. This was done to fix the problem of the SQL Server service bombing, which results in empty query results. The following queries use SQL and so this fix applies to them: Clickable Map, Geographical Text, Technical Search, and Browse by Mission-Roll-Frame.
  2. December 17, 1999: Changed the Technical Search page to accept NULL values for exposure as being considered normal exposure.
  3. December 16, 1999: Finished adding STS096 images from ISD PhotoCDs to the images database. Updated the image counts for STS096 in the search results pages that use hash files (Clickable Maps search, Geographical Text search and Browse by Mission-Roll-Frames search).
  4. October 5, 1999: Added thumbnails to the Technical Search search results file. Caused the low resolution image from ISD to be displayed in all the local database searches when individual photo information pages are generated. This change made the "view" tags under "LowRes" in the clickable map search redundant. So all those clickable map search results files were rebuilt without the "view" tags.
  5. September 30, 1999: Re-added STS088 to the clickable map database in order to update the image counts. Added STS096 text to the Technical Search database and the clickable map database.
  6. September 29, 1999: Finished adding STS088 digital images.
  7. September 22, 1999: Added rolls 601, 602, 603 and 604 of STS035.
  8. September 17, 1999: Added links to the low resolution images to the clickable map web files that show search results per each five-degree block of the maps.
  9. September 15, 1999: Redesigned the clickable map database to use the SQL database in order to provide output format uniformity and provide access to all the cataloged images for the clickable map database.
  10. August 1999: Started adding images for STS088 from PhotoCDs to the images database.
  11. July 2, 1999: Re-added STS080, STS084 and STS087 to install multiple edits.
  12. March 25, 1999: Added STS088.
  13. February 9, 1999: Added STS095.