Database Change Log for 2002

This log reflects changes performed by the curator. Other data additions are done on an on-going basis by the catalogers.

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  1. December 18, 2002: The Mission-Roll-Frame query was modified to support the specification of a range of frames.
  2. December 10, 2002: All the Earth From Space collection captions were added to the CAPTIONS table of the database. This means that they are now available for searches using the Technical Search and that the captions will now show up on the database photo page (
  3. December 9, 2002: Finished adding ISS005 70mm images from ISD to the database that came down with STS112. More will be added later when they come down with future missions.
  4. December 4, 2002: Started adding ISS005 70mm images from ISD to the database. The EarthKam low resolution images provided to us were added to the database a few days ago. There are discrepancies between the EartKam database records and images (some images w/o records and some records w/o images) that the EarthKam people are looking into.
  5. December 3, 2002: Finished adding STS112 70mm images from ISD to the database.
  6. November 22, 2002: Public access to large images has been established through a registration process.
  7. November 14, 2002: The RESOLUTION field was dropped from the IMAGES table of the database because it was not being used for most of the images. Started adding 70mm STS112 images from ISD to the database.
  8. November 13, 2002: The database FEAT field was widened from 24 to 75 characters. The GEON field was widened from 21 to 30 characters. The text portion of the EarthKam database was incorporated into this database.
  9. November 11, 2002: The photo footprint calculator spreadsheet is now available, linked on the "Locator Ellipse" page that shows up when clicking the "Calculate photo footprint" button on the individual photo database query result page.
  10. November 11, 2002: A problem was found that caused high resolution images in the Earth From Space collection to not be publicly available. The problem was fixed.
  11. November 4, 2002: The query results page for individual photos ( was changed to list images in different tables based on their availability.
  12. October 19, 2002: Metadata additions for the center point, exposure and stereo fields were made. These action items were done as part of a document titled Summary of Substantial Changes Made in Late 1999.
  13. October 15, 2002: Replaced the map search portion of the cities query with different maps and software. The new maps are much more detailed and provide for zooming and panning.
  14. September 19, 2002: Finished porting the EFS (Earth From Space) web site to this server. The EFS link on the "Search for Photos" page at now points to the local EFS port.
  15. September 10, 2002: Finished adding STS111 images for 70mm from ISD.
  16. September 3, 2002: Finished adding STS108 70mm images from ISD PhotoCDs.
  17. August 28, 2002: Finished adding ISS004 ISD images for 70mm. ISD will not be sending the 35mm.
  18. August 20, 2002: All of the high resolution images from the Earth From Space database have been added to our database. These images are allowed public access.
  19. August 19, 2002: Started adding images from ISD PhotoCDs for STS108 70mm. All of the low resolution images from the Earth From Space database have been added to our database.
  20. August 16, 2002: Finished adding images from ISD PhotoCDs for STS105 70mm.
  21. August 13, 2002: Code was added to the City form search to synchronize the country and city selection lists should the user use their browser's "Back" feature, or if their browser does not respond to this, to display a message informing them how to synchronize the lists.
  22. August 8, 2002: Made some changes to the cities pages: 1) If an image's width is not greater than 640 then the image is displayed using an IMG tag, otherwise it is displayed as before using the applet; 2) The title of the cities pages was changed from "City Web Image View" to "Astronaut Photograph of city" where city is the city name; 3) Support was added for higher resolution (>1200 pixels wide) images. If such an image is available in the city folder then a link to it is provided on the image display page. Right now there are no higher resolution city images available, but that should change.
  23. July 25, 2002: Started adding STS111 images for 70mm from ISD.
  24. July 15-19, 2002: The server computer has been replaced with a newer faster machine. The database software used for the photography database has been upgraded to a newer version.
  25. July 3, 2002: Started adding images from ISD for ISS004 70mm.
  26. June 28, 2002: Finished adding STS109 images from ISD. Started adding STS110 images from ISD. The maps used on the clickable map database query interface were changed to maps with more topography and detail. Also, the interface was given map navigation controls to allow users to navigate to adjacent maps.
  27. June 17, 2002: Started adding STS109 images from ISD.
  28. June 12, 2002: Low resolution versions of all ISD images for photos that had no low resolution version but did have high resolution version(s) were generated from the high resolution versions and added to the database.
  29. June 11, 2002: The MRF and Technical Search queries were earlier modified to sort data by Date then photo ID by default. It was today decided to revert the MRF search back to sorting by photo ID only. So that was implemented.
  30. June 6, 2002: Started adding STS105 70mm images from ISD PhotoCDs.
  31. June 2002: Starting with STS109 and ISS004, the low resolution scanned (not ESC) images from ISD are being sharpened. The high resolution ISD images are not sharpened nor enhanced in any way.
  32. May 31, 2002: Finished adding STS105 35mm images from ISD CDs.
  33. May 28-30, 2002: Replaced the file system that the photos database, database digital images and various other web pages are stored on with one with greater capacity. This will allow us to continue adding digital images to the database.
  34. April 25, 2002: Received this information for posting: Free access to high-resolution digital imagery has been suspended while NASA evaluates the public, scientific, and commercial value of this service. For comments about this policy please contact
  35. April 24, 2002: Changed all ROLL field entries in the database that had values of ESC to use E instead. This is in preparation for sharing data with another database. Also, E is the identifier NASA is currently using elsewhere to refer to Electronic Still Camera imagery.
  36. April 19, 2002: Removed public access to large-scale digital imagery. Hopefully more details will be forthcoming.
  38. April 5, 2002: Adding of batch imagery from ISD has paused again due to disk space problems. A new storage system is acquired but can't be used till an interface card is obtained.
  39. April 3, 2002: Found and fixed a problem with the Technical Search that was preventing it from providing counts using the "Return Only a Count of the Records" output option.
  40. March 29, 2002: Adding of ISD images has resumed for a while. The Earth-looking images of 35mm for STS108 have been added to the images table of the database. Some of the STS109 images to be used for the crew debriefing have been added to the images table of the database.
  41. March 20, 2002: The GEON field was changed for 559 FRAMES table records that had some form of YEMEN, based on a list supplied by cataloging.
  42. March 18, 2002: Made some blanket GEON changes in the FRAMES table of the database as listed in the following table. Also changed the USA state abbreviations into the unabbreviated name of the state with the exception of the District of Columbia.
    OldNewOld (cont'd) New (cont'd)
    BurmaMyanmar (Burma)Great Britain-SI UK-Shetland Islands
    Gilbert Islands Kiribati Great Britain-W UK-Whales
    Great Britain United Kingdom Line Islands Kiribati
    Great Britain-CI UK-Channel Islands Phoenix Islands Kiribati
    Great Britain-E UK-England Ryukyu Islands Japan
    Great Britain-NI UK-Northern Island Slovak Republic Slovakia
    Great Britain-OI UK-Orkney Islands Zaire Dem. Rep. of Congo
    Great Britain-S UK-Scotland Russia Russian Federation
  43. March 13, 2002: Changed GEON values in the FRAMES table of the database from RUSSIA to RUSSIAN FEDERATION for 7786 records. The image viewing applet on the cities pages was replaced with one that is easier to use.
  44. March 7, 2002: Corrected some dates in the mission selection lists on the queries. Adding of new ISD images is on hold due to lack of disk space.
  45. February 8, 2002: Finished adding STS100 35mm images from ISD CDs. This completes all ISD images for STS100.
  46. February 7, 2002: Adding of ISD images for ISS003 35mm is complete.
  47. February 4, 2002: Finished adding ISD TGA images from ISD uploads. This should complete all of ISD ISS002 images to be added to the database.
  48. Feb-Apr, 2002: Added STS105 35mm images from ISD.
  49. January 30, 2002: Finished adding all available ISD CD images for ISS002, both 70mm (more were received since the July 20, 2001 report of being finished) and 35mm.
  50. January 29, 2002: Discovered that web access was erroneously restricted to 6am-10pm CT and removed the restriction.
  51. January 24, 2002: Finished making thumbnails for all photos that have an image but no thumbnail. (To view thumbnails, check the Show thumbnails if they are available checkbox under the results table of all the queries.)
  52. January 18, 2002: Started making thumbnails for all photos that have an image but no thumbnail.
  53. January 17, 2002: Started adding STS100 35mm images from ISD CDs.
  54. January 4, 2002: Finished adding STS104 35mm images from ISD CDs.
  55. January 3, 2002: Finished adding all available ISD CD images for STS106 both 70mm and 35mm. One of the 70mm CDs, for parts of rolls 713 and 714 is missing and will be added once we obtain it. Started adding STS104 35mm images from ISD CDs.