Database Change Log for 2000

This log reflects changes performed by the curator. Other data additions are done on an on-going basis by the catalogers.

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  1. December 22, 2000: Finished adding STS101 images from ISD CDs.
  2. November 16, 2000: Revised the clickable map interface to allow the user to select the fields that show up in the query results table. Also caused the query to pull data directly from the central database file rather than from static data files.
  3. October 31, 2000: Added a photo footprint calculator to the query results page of individual photos.
  4. October 19, 2000: Added STS093 and STS099 HDTV images.
  5. September 8, 2000: Finished adding STS099 images from ISD PhotoCDs.
  6. July 28, 2000: Due to problems experienced by somebody when downloading large query results files from the Technical Search, the link that provides the download was changed to use HTTP rather than FTP.
  7. July 3, 2000: Started adding STS099 images from ISD PhotoCDs.
  8. June 21, 2000: Finished adding STS093 and STS103 images from ISD PhotoCDs.
  9. April 28, 2000: Added STS103 camera and film information.
  10. March 9, 2000: Added partial dates for records that had no dates for missions in which a year and/or month could be determined based on the mission's launch and landing dates.
  11. March, 2000: Added STS103 text. Started adding STS093 and STS103 images from ISD PhotoCDs.
  12. February 10, 2000: Removed the "getimage" script, taking its functionality and putting it into the script that displays photo information. This is to cause the links for viewing photos to link directly to the photos, rather than going through the getimage script. The effect of this is that if users choose to save images to their computers using their browser's "Save Target As" feature, the suggested file name will include the mission-roll-frame format rather than the word "getimage". A visible change to the user interface is that the links to view photos now look like buttons with the word "View" on them rather than buttons with the ">" symbol on them.
  13. January 19, 2000: Due to the removal of center points that are copies of nadir points, the Technical Search engine was modified to search using nadir points for latitude/longitude ranges for records that are missing center points. This means that the user may see blank LAT and LON columns in search results wherein he/she was searching for latitude/longitude ranges. In these cases, even though the LAT and LON columns are blank, the NLAT and NLON (nadir point) columns will not be blank.
  14. January 18, 2000: Removed the majority of center points that are copies of the nadir points. These include all that could be removed using rules in quick on-line or batch code. Those the require human evaluation are still being looked into. Also, camera and film information for STS093 was added to the database.
  15. January 3, 2000: Added text for STS093 frame data (this includes all but the camera type and film type information).