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Spacecraft nadir point: 1.0° N, 116.9° E

Photo center point: 0.5° N, 116.5° E

Nadir to Photo Center: Southwest

Spacecraft Altitude: 175 nautical miles (324km)
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Image Caption: STS61A-44-0090 East Kalimantan, Indonesia November 1985
Located near the central east coast of East Kalimantan, this once totally tropical rainforest landscape (darker areas) now exhibits the impact of recent human development (lighter-colored areas). The lighter-colored corridors that have been cleared for agriculture tend to follow the severely meandering rivers (light-colored, linear features). Several roads can be traced across jungle-covered terrain, connecting developing agricultural sites and towns (also light-colored, linear features). The uniform-looking (color wise) vegetative cover (bottom center) appears to be the result of the development of large plantations. The confluence of the Marah River (more easterly) and Kindjau River can be seen near the bottom center (lower right quadrant). Almost the entire bottom third of the image is a flat, swampy area. A lake (dark feature) is visible near the bottom right corner of the image.