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Spacecraft nadir point: 31.8° S, 114.7° E

Photo center point: 30.5° S, 116.5° E

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Nadir to Photo Center: Northeast

Spacecraft Altitude: 179 nautical miles (332km)
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Image Caption: STS61A-37-0018 Hinds (Dry) Lake, Western Australia, Australia November 1985
Several different looking dry lake beds and ephemeral stream channels are visible throughout the scene in this semiarid region northeast of Perth in southwestern Western Australia. Lake Hinds, the small, oval-shaped, light colored feature near the lower right corner of the picture, helps to locate the many drainage patterns north, northeast of the lake. These drainage features display at least three different color schemes and shapes that include highly reflective, whitish-looking areas to more subtle, partially vegetated surfaces that tends to blend into the surrounding landscape. A string of several, small dry lakes (small, round white areas) is observed near the center of the picture. The regular rectangular patterns surrounding the rivers and lakes are probably irrigated fields patterns, where some type of dry land farming is being practiced.