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Spacecraft nadir point: 54.8° N, 103.4° W

Photo center point: 56.5° N, 103.0° W

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Nadir to Photo Center: North

Spacecraft Altitude: 128 nautical miles (237km)
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Image Caption: STS41G-41-0032 Deep Bay Impact Crater Deep Bay Impact Crater (56 deg.
24'N, 10 deg. 59'W) is the circular lake at center, located at the
southern end of Reindeer Lake (north is top center) in the forested
region of Saskatchewan. With a diameter of 12 km, Deep Bay is
distinguished from other lakes in the region because of its depth of
220 m, while most other lakes in the region have a depth of
approximately 50 m. The estimated age of Deep Bay is 100 + or - 50
m.y. T576D