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Spacecraft nadir point: 4.2° S, 142.5° E

Photo center point: 4.0° S, 145.0° E

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Nadir to Photo Center: East

Spacecraft Altitude: 205 nautical miles (380km)
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Image Caption: Source:Patricia W. Dickerson
Manam Volcano
Manam, with a plume of smoke attesting to its ongoing activity, is off
the northeastern coast of Papua New Guinea and rises to an elevation of
1807 m. The first known eruption of Manam was in 1616, and in 1994 an
explosive eruption sent ash and incandescent material 10 km into the
air. Plumes of sediment enter the sea at the mouths of the Sepik (large
river at left) and the Ramu Rivers (closer to Manam), following heavy
rains from a recent tropical storm.