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Spacecraft nadir point: 39.1° N, 74.4° W

Photo center point: 41.0° N, 73.5° W

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Nadir to Photo Center: North

Spacecraft Altitude: 206 nautical miles (382km)
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Image Caption: This near-vertical view shows one of the most dynamic cities in the world, New York. With a population in the metropolitan New York of 11,685,650, and in the city of 8,008,278 (March 2001), the New York City area is one of the leading commercial, financial, cultural, and communication centers in the world. The sediment-laden Hudson River enters the scene near the bottom left (north) of the image and can be seen flowing south emptying into Upper and Lower New York Bays (right of center of the image). Long Island is visible extending to the east at the upper left of the image. Right (west) of the Hudson River, the state of New Jersey and the Newark metropolitan area are visible. Sandy Hook in New Jersey can be seen in the upper right quadrant of the image.