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Spacecraft nadir point: 45.5° N, 69.2° W

Photo center point: 41.0° N, 74.0° W

Photo center point by machine learning:

Nadir to Photo Center: Southwest

Spacecraft Altitude: 196 nautical miles (363km)
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Image Caption: A nighttime scene of the northeastern seaboard of the United States shows the bright lights of several major cities that span a distance from Connecticut ( left middle) to states south of Virginia (right middle). City lights from both very large urban areas as well as smaller towns and cities are visible. The largest cluster of brightness emanates from the greater New York metropolitan area (left center) and then a series of bright spots progress southwesterly to include Philadelphia (PA), Baltimore (MD), Washington (D.C.), Richmond (VA), and finally ending with the Newport News/ Norfolk (VA) city lights (top center). Many of the major ground transportation arteries can be seen as radial, linear features that radiate outward from the central business districts of the cities. Even the lights of smaller cities such as Allentown, Reading, Lancaster, York, and Harrisburg (PA) are visible (bottom center).