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Spacecraft nadir point: 24.8° S, 68.7° W

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Spacecraft Altitude: 155 nautical miles (287km)
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Image Caption: Central Andes Mountains (N Chile, NW Argentina) Under Winter Snow
Volcanic landscapes with a thin dusting of snow appear in this near-vertical view of the dry, high spine of the Andes Mountains at around 28 degrees South. Strong westerly winds (from left) have blown the snow off the highest volcanic peaks (center and bottom): many of these peaks rise higher than 20,000 feet.

A small, dry lake appears top right, the white color derived from salts. The border between Argentina and Chile winds from volcano to volcano and passes just left of the small blue lake (left center). Black lava flows can be detected bottom right. The larger area of brown-pink rocks (bottom right) is also an area of volcanic rocks, a type known as ash flow tuffs which are violently extruded, often in volumes measured in cubic kilometers.