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Spacecraft nadir point: 40.5° N, 1.9° E

Photo center point: 45.0° N, 7.0° E

Nadir to Photo Center: Northeast

Spacecraft Altitude: 156 nautical miles (289km)
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Image Caption: An oblique view looking northeast along the Alps Mountain System of south central Europe. This system forms a wide, curving arc along the borders of northern Italy and adjacent regions of southeast France, Switzerland, and southern West Germany. This view taken by the STS-66 crew in November, 1994, and shows the permanently snowcapped peaks of the Swiss and Pennine Alps. The Rhone River Valley in Switzerland can be seen as curved inverted "L" near the center of the photograph. To the right and below the Rhone River Valley are the Pennine Alps located in northern Italy. The numerous contrails indicate the heavy air traffic in this region of Europe.