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Spacecraft nadir point: 4.5° N, 111.4° E

Photo center point: 3.0° N, 111.5° E

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Nadir to Photo Center: South

Spacecraft Altitude: 195 nautical miles (361km)
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Image Caption: River Plumes, Northwest Borneo.
Color visible photograph of turbidity plumes in the South
China Sea along the north coast of Borneo (Malaysia; 4.7 N,
111.6 E). The turbidity patterns present clues about local
currents and the interaction of the buoyant river plumes
with the denser sea water. Fronts associated with turbid
river plumes are clearly visible, as are wakes from two
ships. The wakes are distorted where they intersect the
river plume boundary, indicating current shear along the
river plume front.

The sunglint pattern along the coast of Sarawak (3.0N, 111.5E) delineates the boundry of fresh water river plumes as they flow into the South China Sea. The fresh water lens (boundry between fresh and sea water) overides the saline and more dense sea water and oils, both natural and man made, collect along the convergence zones and dampen wave action. As a result, the smoother sea surface appears bright in the sunglint pattern.