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Photo center point: 21.0° N, 11.5° W

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Image Caption: S37-84-27 Richat structure, Mauritania (roughly 21.5 N, 11W)

This 38-km wide structure, commonly referred to as the bull's-
eye, is in central Mauritania. It is a depression or pit about
100 m deep. The pit was made by erosion of layers of rock which
were domed upward. It was not made by impact of a meteorite.
The rock layers themselves are very old... several hundred mil-
lion years.... and their variable resistance to erosion has pro-
duced a series of concentric ridges in the structure stepping
down from the outside in.

The structure is surrounded by sand fields....sand can be seen
encroaching into the southern part of the structure. north of
the structure is the Makteir dune field.