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Image Caption:
S36-151-101: Nile Delta (See also 152-088/9.) Good atmospheric
clarity, no dust. The many towns and villages of the Nile Delta
proper, from just north of Cairo to Alexandria. The Nile branch
here is the Rosetta or the western Nile. Indeed, you guys caught
Aboukir Bay as well, where Napolean lost his fleet (the first
time) to dear olde Nelson, and where the LUOrient blew up. If
you look closely, you will see where Nelson ran his fleet around
the the point of Aboukir Bay on the extreme left of the frame and
thence down the landward side of the Frogs. Also note the dif-
ferent type of irrigation west of the Rosetta Nile here . . .
itUs canal, surface-fed irrigation instead of the center-pivot
form that you can see east of the Damietta Nile on frame 152-088.
It was a wonderful victory for the British, like I said earlier