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Photo center point: 47.5° N, 9.5° E

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Image Caption: NASA7-722-46B Lake Constance, Germany Winter/Spring 1998
Lake Constance, sometimes referred to as the Bodensee, can be seen in this southwest-looking view. Lake Constance is 42 miles (68 Km) long and covers an area of 208 square miles (539 square Km). The lake's maximum depth is 827 feet (252 meters). The borders of three European countries run through Lake Constance. At the southeastern end of the lake (near the upper center) is the country of Austria. The Foothills of the Alps in the country of Austria are also visible in the upper left and upper center of the image. To the northeast or left of the lake is the country of Germany. To the southwest or right of the lake is the country of Switzerland. Fruit is grown on Lake Constance's fertile shores, and wine making, fishing, and tourism are major industries.