Georeferenced Files - ArcGIS

The georeferencing system produces zip files that contain various files. These zipped files are named using the convention of PhotoID-GeoreferenceMethod-Variations.FileType. The table below explains the Variations-FileType part of these.
File name endingExplanation
warp.tifa geotiff version of the astronaut photo that is transformed and warped
warp-metadata.txta text file that includes ancillary geotiff metadata such as average RMS error of georegistration
tiepoints.txtan ArcGIS text file listing tie points (column 1 & 2) and the corresponding ground control points (column 3 & 4) used for alignment and alignment fit measures
no-warp.tif*a georeferenced geotiff version of the unwarped astronaut photograph
no-warp-metadata.txt*a text file that includes ancillary geotiff and camera metadata
*These files are no longer generated.