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How to Purchase Prints and Scans

Thank you for your interest in NASA imagery. If you require high-resolution photograph(s) that cannot be found on one of our Web sites, or need other photographic products such as prints and slides, you will need to purchase them.

NASA does not sell their photographic products to the general public. NASA will not loan their negatives to clients or to labs.

NASA/JSC Media Resource Center Photo Lab:
Attention: Jody Russell (
2101 NASA Parkway - Building 423 / AP32
Houston, TX 77058
Phone (281) 483-2976
Fax (281) 483-2848

Include your name, address, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail address, Photo IDs, and printing instructions. Do not include your credit card number, as that information should be provided only to the lab.

Please allow 5 working days to have the negative(s) pulled from the Film Repository and completed. The lab should contact you for any additional printing instructions, payment method, and shipping requirements. Occasionally some of the requested negatives are checked out on other jobs. If that should occur, the negative(s) will be backordered and printed when available. Contact the MRC immediately to cancel any pending negatives if no longer needed.

The Media Resource Center cannot select a commercial photo lab for you or be held responsible for the quality of work produced by the lab you selected. If there is a problem with the image(s) received from a commercial lab, you should contact the lab, not the MRC, for resolution.

Should you decide not to purchase images after receiving price quotes, please contact the MRC so that your pending request can be cancelled.

NASA Imagery Sites:

On-Line Catalog:
USER NAME: mrccust
PASSWORD: shuttle

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