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Top Picks for 2016

Cloudscape Over the Philippine Sea

astronaut photograph

Thunderhead anvils stretch out in three dimensions against the thin blue envelope of the atmopshere. Read more...

Fiery South Atlantic Sunset

astronaut photograph

Thin layers of lighter and darker blues reveal the many layers of the atmosphere. Read more...

Thunderstorms - South China Sea

astronaut photograph

Several large anvil thunderstorms roll over the South China Sea.

Weda Island Atoll - Northeastern Indonesia

astronaut photograph

Sun glint bounces off of this Indonesian island.

Salar de Atacama salt works - Chile

astronaut photograph

The Salar de Atacama in Chile is an enclosed basin with no drainage outlets and is considered to be one of the driest places on Earth.

Perito Moreno Glacier - Argentine Patagonia

astronaut photograph

One of the most famous glaciers in Patagonia periodically cuts off the major southern arm of Lago Argentino.

Aurora Australis - Western Australia

astronaut photograph

A sinuous green aurora appears above a deck of clouds in this dramatic astronaut photograph from August 11, 2016.

Luiz Gonzaga Dam - Brazil

astronaut photograph

This dam is one of four hydroelectric plants along the Sao Francisco River in Brazil.

Sangeang Volcano - South-central Indonesia

astronaut photograph

Evidence of a three year volcanic eruption in the 1980s still shows on Sangeang Volcano today.

Santorini - Greece

astronaut photograph

The islands of this tourist mecca are actually the rim of an old volcano. Read more...

Namib Desert - Southwestern Africa

astronaut photograph

Dunes grow upon dunes in one of the most visually spectacular places on Earth, as least from an astronaut's perspective.

Mount Fuji - Japan

astronaut photograph

The highest peak in Japan is one of the nation's most striking symbols. Read more...

Lake Urmia - Iran

astronaut photograph

This shallow, saline lake in Iran is one of the largest in the Middle East. But drought and water withdrawals for farming are shrinking it.

Stratus Cloud Field - Northeastern Atlantic Ocean

astronaut photograph

Swirling, low-lying clouds over the Atlantic Ocean prove for a fascinating picture from space.

Lake Nasser - Egypt

astronaut photograph

Formed from the Aswan Dam and cycles of drought and flooding, astronauts and scientists have been monitoring the level of Lake Nasser for decades.

Dubai - United Arab Emirates

astronaut photograph

The manmade islands around the city of Dubai can be easily recognized by astronauts in space.