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Top Picks for 2015

Lake Chad and Saharan Dust Plume

astronaut photograph

Desert meets woodland in Africa, punctuated by an ancient lake. Read more...

Hawaiian Volcanoes, Vogs, and Vortices

astronaut photograph

Vog haze is transported hundreds of kilometers downwind of the Big Island of Hawaii, forming subtle but distinct alternating swirls. Read more...

Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Northern Colombia

astronaut photograph

In Colombia, high mountains show a rare sight in the tropics: snow and ice. Read more...

Scandinavia at Night

astronaut photograph

City lights trace the coastlines, while moonlight illuminates the snow and clouds. Read more...

Good Air and Brown Water, Argentina

astronaut photograph

Buenos Aires, the largest city in Argentina, sits near the outflow of the second largest river in South America. Read more...

Rivers and Snow in the Himalayas, China and India

astronaut photograph

Long shadows and deep gullies make for a majestic landscape. Read more...

Adele Island, northwest Australia

astronaut photograph

The most interesting geology lies just offshore and below the water line of this Northwest Australian island. Read more...

Salt Ponds, western Australia

astronaut photograph

This stretch of Australian coast is noted for its tropical climate and its remoteness. Read more...

Shaping Cape Cod, Massachusetts

astronaut photograph

Winds and wave refraction give the area around Provincetown a distinctive hook shape. Read more...

The Port of Sfax, Tunisia

astronaut photograph

Tunisia’s “second city” is home to a large fishing fleet and a vast coastal redevelopment project. Read more...

Flooding on the Mekong River floodplain, Thailand and Laos

astronaut photograph

Monsoon rains drowned the landscape in Laos and Thailand. Read more...

Red Sprites, northwest Mexico

astronaut photograph

Within three minutes, astronauts acquired two photographs of elusive red sprite emissions above thunderstorms. Read more....

Aquaculture, northeast China

astronaut photograph

Fish farms have been constructed at many points along the coastline of Liaoning Province, but this group of basins facing the Yellow Sea is the largest. Read more...

India-Pakistan Border at Night

astronaut photograph

This photograph shows one of the few places on Earth where an international boundary can be seen at night. Read more...

Laguna Colorada, Bolivia

astronaut photograph

The salty and brightly colored lake in the Bolivian Andes is an important wetland. Read more...