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Spacecraft nadir point: 20.1° N, 101.9° W

Photo center point: 20.5° N, 103.5° W

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Nadir to Photo Center: West

Spacecraft Altitude: 199 nautical miles (369km)
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Image Caption: STS61B-40-0064 Guadalajara, Mexico November 1985
Sometimes referred to as the 'Silicon Valley' of Mexico, the second largest city in Mexico, Guadalajara, can be seen (center of the image) in this south-looking view. Located on a high plain (over 5000 feet-1525 meters) and surrounded by mountains, Guadalajara is the center of a rich agricultural and industrial area. The city is an important mining center and produces chemicals and textiles. Tourism is also an important industry as the city retains much of its Spanish colonial and historic heritage. With its mild, clear, and dry climate, Guadalajara is also a popular health resort. Located 30 miles (48 km) south-southeast of Guadalajara is Lake Chapala (upper left of the image), the largest natural lake in Mexico. Recently, the lake has been plagued by runoff from chemical plants and oil refineries located on its shores as well as an influx of fertilizers and pesticides from the surrounding agricultural lands.