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Spacecraft nadir point: 24.5° S, 115.3° E

Photo center point: 23.5° S, 116.0° E

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Nadir to Photo Center: Northeast

Spacecraft Altitude: 172 nautical miles (319km)
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Image Caption: STS51I-40-0027 Barlee and High Ranges, Western Australia, Australia August 1985
The darker landscape of this image shows the rugged and folded mountains of west central Western Australia (south of the Hamersly Ranges). Numerous low mountains are seen in this picture but lack of detailed topographic maps precludes a specific identification of individual mountain ranges. The High Range and the Barlee Range can be located because of their positions north and northeast of the Lyons River (top). The floodplain and several of the Lyons Rivers braided stream channels help to identify this river as it makes roughly a 90 degree course change (drains to northwest then southwest) in the upper middle part of the image. Other unidentified streams are visible as they cut through narrow valleys in the lower left and lower right corners of the image. All of the drainage features are ephemeral streams and rivers.