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Spacecraft nadir point: 21.1° N, 83.6° W

Photo center point: 22.0° N, 84.0° W

Nadir to Photo Center: North

Spacecraft Altitude: 177 nautical miles (328km)
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Image Caption:
Western Cuba

Western end of Cuba is a complex geologic region. The Sierra de
los Organos is a folded sequence of Cretaceous sedimentary rocks
that form a low range of mountains that rise to about 2800 feet
in elevation. Oligocene and Miocene marine sediments extend
south and east of these mountains. Quaternary coastal terrace
and beach deposits line most of the southern shore area around
the Gulf of Batabano. Karst topography, created by limestone
solution weathering is visible (characterized by many natural
lakes) at the southwestern quadrant of this photograph. (51A-