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Spacecraft nadir point: 29.6° N, 80.1° W

Photo center point: 28.5° N, 80.5° W

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Nadir to Photo Center: South

Spacecraft Altitude: 88 nautical miles (163km)
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Image Caption: John F. Kennedy Space Center, Florida April 2002

This spectacular view shows the John F. Kennedy Space Center. Located at Cape Canaveral on Florida's east-central coast, the spaceport has been the home to the United States east coast spacecraft launches since the 1950's. Near the center of the image, a number of structures can be seen which include the large Space Shuttle Assembly Building. To the right (east) of the structures, Shuttle Launch Pads A and B are visible. To the northwest of the Assembly Building area is the long, linear Shuttle landing runway. At the top center of the image is Mosquito Lagoon. Visible at the bottom center (south) on the image are the multiple launch pads used for NASA's un-manned space vehicles and Banana Lagoon. To the left (west) of the multiple launch pads are a number buildings/structures including the Kennedy Space Center's Visitor Complex.