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Spacecraft nadir point: 12.9° N, 95.0° W

Photo center point: 16.0° N, 94.0° W

Photo center point by machine learning: 16.28° N, 94.40° W

Nadir to Photo Center: North

Spacecraft Altitude: 211 nautical miles (391km)
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Image Caption: Laguna Mar Muerto, Mexico
The large body of water in the left center part of the image is the western end of the Laguna Mar Muerto. This saltwater lagoon is located along the Pacific Ocean coast in southern Mexico. Small cities with their distinctive grid street pattern are scattered throughout the multicolored, agricultural landscape. Highways that connect the farming communities along the narrow coastal plains are visible. The highly reflective area that fringes most of the lagoon is a transition zone where the changing tides have created a brackish marsh environment. A small section of the sandy beach that separates this large lagoon from the blue water of the Gulf of Tehuantepec is in the upper left corner of the image. North is towards the lower right corner of the image.