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Spacecraft nadir point: 24.4° N, 102.5° W

Photo center point: 37.5° N, 106.0° W

Nadir to Photo Center: North

Spacecraft Altitude: 316 nautical miles (585km)
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Image Caption: The southern to middle Rocky Mountains were captured by this photograph with low sunlight. The middle
Rockies include the Big Horn range of Wyoming (snow capped range almost center of horizon) and the
Unita Mountains of northeastern Utah (snow capped range left side of horizon). The southern Rockies
includes the Front Range, Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Sawatch Ranges, and the San Juan Mountains. The
eastern (Front Range, Sangre de Cristo) and western ranges (Sawatch, San Juan's) are separated by
intermontane basins. The southernmost basin and near center of the image is the San Luis Valley of
Colorado. On the eastern edge of the San Luis Valley is the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.