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Spacecraft nadir point: 37.2° N, 113.4° W

Photo center point: 36.0° N, 115.0° W

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Nadir to Photo Center: Southwest

Spacecraft Altitude: 198 nautical miles (367km)
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Image Caption: Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, Nevada
The western end of Lake Mead can be seen at the bottom center of the image. The small stream-like Las Vegas Wash is visible along the right edge of the image. Covering a good portion of the upper right quadrant of the image is Henderson, with a population of 184,500 and one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. Extending to the left of Lake Mead in the lower left quadrant of the image is the Colorado River. The highly reflective white-colored dot just to the left of the lake on the Colorado River is Hoover Dam, the highest concrete dam (726 feet, 221 meters) in the western hemisphere and the 18th highest dam in the world. Hoover Dam is part of a system that provides water to over 18 million people in the southwestern United States. Near the center of the image is the small community of Boulder City with a population of 13,000.