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Spacecraft nadir point: 31.9° N, 114.3° W

Photo center point: 36.0° N, 112.0° W

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Nadir to Photo Center: Northeast

Spacecraft Altitude: 203 nautical miles (376km)
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Image Caption: Grand Canyon, Arizona
The Grand Canyon is the centerpiece of this northeasterly view across
the Colorado Plateau. The 1000-m-deep canyon was carved during the past
two million years, mainly during the Pleistocene period. Lake Powell is
at the northeastern end of the canyon; Lake Mead (left of center) is at
the southwestern end, with the city of Las Vegas just west of the lake.
From Lake Mead the Colorado River flows southward, defining the
California-Arizona border; small lakes and irrigated agricultural lands
mark the river course. Within the unvegetated uplands at right center
are the darker, forested areas of Black Mesa (ragged outline) and the
Chuska Mts. of Arizona and New Mexico.