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Spacecraft nadir point: 51.5° S, 114.9° W

Photo center point: 38.0° S, 145.0° E

Nadir to Photo Center: West

Spacecraft Altitude: 212 nautical miles (393km)
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Image Caption: Melbourne and immediately neighboring towns make up a densely
populated region of more than one million people and comprize
Australia's second largest city. Dark blue Port Phillip Bay is the
major feature of the view, with light blue shoals of shallow water
near the entrance of the bay (top). Melbourne occupies the north
shore of Port Phillip Bay as the grey mass which stretches from the
lower center of the view, where the downtown is located, thirty miles
in a southwesterly direction (towards upper left corner. Intensively
farmed fields appear on the right side of the view as numerous reddish
rectangles. Dark patches on the right margin are forested hills.
Melbourne lies at 38 degrees South latitude, which makes it Earth's
most southerly large city-Buenos Aires in Argentina is much larger (13
million) and lies at 35 degrees South latitude.