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Spacecraft nadir point: 36.7° S, 66.0° W

Photo center point: 38.5° S, 68.5° W

Nadir to Photo Center: Southwest

Spacecraft Altitude: 169 nautical miles (313km)
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Image Caption: Most of the views show the arid landscapes of windswept Patagonia. The only places
where agriculture can be practiced are the valley bottoms where irrigation water is
available. The green swaths crossing the view are fields in the floodplains of the
Neuquen River (top to bottom) and the Limay River (lower right-should be lower left).
The prominent lakes are Lake Pellegrini, a natural depression (bottom) probably
hollowed out by the persistent and strong winds for which Patagonia is so well known;
and Lake Cerro Colorado, a manmade lake (top). This lake has a waist so narrow that
water barely circulates between each half. This accounts for the different colors in each
side of the lake, a feature which allows crews to tell this lake apart from others.