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Spacecraft nadir point: 37.9° S, 54.8° W

Photo center point: 34.5° S, 58.5° W

Nadir to Photo Center: Northwest

Spacecraft Altitude: 211 nautical miles (391km)
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Image Caption: This photo includes the burgeoning Argentine capital of Buenos Aires
(center), the upper end of the turbid estuary, Rio de la Plata, and most
of the complex delta at the confluence of the Parana and Uruguay
rivers. The city of 13 million quickly gives way to intense agriculture
to the southeast through west. The larger Parana river and its
distributaries flow generally from the northwest (lower right) and fairly
dominate the smaller Uruguay entering from the north (bottom of the
image). Note the darker vegetation and agriculture of the delta and
the swirling plumes of river-borne sediment as it is discharged into the