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Spacecraft nadir point: 44.4° N, 33.4° E

Photo center point: 44.0° N, 28.5° E

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Nadir to Photo Center: West

Spacecraft Altitude: 205 nautical miles (380km)
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Image Caption: STS084-712-099 Constana Area, Romania May 1997
The southeast region of Romania, the Dobruja Plateau, is highlighted in this oblique, northwest-looking view that includes the western margin of the Black Sea. This upland area of eastern Romania detours the course of the Danube River to the north. The general landscape of the Dobruja region is one of low mountains in the northern section (upper right) and flat to rolling plains with steppe vegetation in the south (near middle of image). Farther inland the Danube River splits into two waterways, thereby creating an extensive floodplain and an island. The angular-looking, patchwork field pattern on the large island indicates that most of the fertile alluvial soil is being used for agriculture. Along the coast the historic, industrial seaport city of Constanta is barely discernible (light color area near center of the image). This tourist city, coupled with a string of beach resorts and health spas along the coast north and south of Constanta, is known as the Romanian Riviera. Many small bays (dark inlets) can be identified along the coastline and the southern end of a large lagoon is visible along the northern edge of the image.