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Spacecraft nadir point: 34.5° N, 109.9° W

Photo center point: 34.5° N, 111.0° W

Nadir to Photo Center: West

Spacecraft Altitude: 146 nautical miles (270km)
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Image Caption: Meteor Crater, Arizona and Roter
Kamm Impact Crater, Namibia. Prior to 1925 Meteor Crater was the only
recognizable impact crater. Located 60 km ESE of Flagstaff, Meteor
Crater is classified as a simple crater (bowl-shaped depression with
no central peak or ring structure) with a diameter of 1.2 km. The age
of Meteor crater has been estimated to be about 50,000 years. The
square shaped appearance is due to local jointing in the surrounding

Roter Kamm is a circular crater located in the Namib Desert of
southwest Africa. The age of the impact crater is unknown, but is
believed to be relatively young. Roter Kamm is similar in appearance
to Meteor Crater, but it's diameter is somewhat larger at 2.5 km.