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Spacecraft nadir point: 0.5° N, 90.8° W

Photo center point: 0.0° N, 91.5° W

Nadir to Photo Center: Southwest

Spacecraft Altitude: 120 nautical miles (222km)
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Image Caption: STS059-206-92 The Galapagos Islands These islands lie about 1200
kilometers west of Ecuador in the eastern Pacific. They have six
active volcanoes similar to the volcanoes found in Hawaii. Since the
time of Charles Darwin's visit to the area in 1835, there have been
over 60 recorded eruptions on these volcanoes. The seahorse-shaped
island is Isla Isabela (1). To the west of Isla Isabela is Isla
Fernandina, to the east is Isla San Salvador (2), Isla Rabida, Isla
Pinzon, Isla Baltra (3), Isla Santa Cruz (4), Isla Santa Maria (4),
Isla Santa Fe, Isla Espanola (5), and Isla Cristobal (6).