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Spacecraft nadir point: 40.7° N, 24.6° E

Photo center point: 40.5° N, 23.5° E

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Nadir to Photo Center: West

Spacecraft Altitude: 163 nautical miles (302km)
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Image Caption: STS056-079-038 Chalcidice Peninsula, Greece April 1993
The rugged Chalcidice (Khalkidhiki) Peninsula of northeast Greece projects into the Aegean Sea (bottom left of image) in this west looking view. The peninsula lies between the Strymonic Gulf to the east (right) and the Gulf of Salonika to the west (left). Although the Chalcidice Peninsula is largely mountainous and dry, agricultural products include olive oil, wine, wheat, and tobacco. In ancient times, the peninsula was famous for its timber. The main peninsula terminates in three more narrow peninsulas: Acte (west), Sithonia (center), and Kassandra (east). Lake Koronia is visible near the center of the image. The smaller lake west of Lake Koronia is Lake Bolbe. Thasos Island is visible under scattered clouds at the lower right portion of the image.