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Spacecraft nadir point: 42.9° N, 10.6° E

Photo center point: 40.5° N, 13.0° E

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Nadir to Photo Center: Southeast

Spacecraft Altitude: 168 nautical miles (311km)
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Image Caption: Southwest coast of Italy This south-looking oblique view shows the dark shoreline of Italy against the brilliance of reflected light off the sea surface. The brightest part of the glint pattern lies offshore of Naples. The light-colored tip of Mt. Vesuvius lies nearby just inshore of the two-pronged bay. Haze almost obscures coastlines in the top left corner of the view. In the glint zone of the view, the sea surface has a warm coppery or golden tinge due to haze in the lower layers of the atmosphere. Both features_loss of detail and the copper hue of reflected light_are evidence of heavy concentrations of aerosols.