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Spacecraft nadir point: 48.0° N, 66.1° W

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Spacecraft Altitude: 168 nautical miles (311km)
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STS047-151-643 Mt Spurr ash GMT 9/19 12:36:31. Mt Spurr, on the
northern end of the Alaskan Peninsula, erupted on September 17,
1992. The large ash plume was easily visible on environmental sa-
tellites, and started to move east from the mountain. Although
the STS047 south-looking attitude prevented the crew from viewing
the ash right after the eruption, they caught up with the long,
dark ash cloud roughly 2 days later. This photograph of the ash
cloud was taken over eastern Quebec and views west.

Mt. Spurr Volcano Ash Pall
9/19/92 12:36:31GMT
Mt Spurr (61.3N 152.2W) erupted on Sep 16th at 06:36 and 08:04GMT
ejecting an ash pall which came into the Shuttle's fields of view
on the 19th as shown here. (see also graphic)