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Spacecraft nadir point: 39.0° N, 40.1° E

Photo center point: 40.0° N, 44.0° E

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Nadir to Photo Center: East

Spacecraft Altitude: 159 nautical miles (294km)
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Image Caption:
STS045-618-062: Mt. Ararat, Turkey STS045-619-061: Mt. Ararat,
Turkey These views of Mt. Ararat in eastern Turkey (northeast of
Lake Van and near the Turkish, Iranian and Armenian borders)
demonstrate well the unique information contained in Space Shut-
tle photography. STS045-618-062 is east looking view and
STS045-619-061 is a west looking view of the Ararat massif which
comprises Greater Ararat (5156m) and Lesser Ararat (3903m). The
oblique views, snow cover, and low sun combine to highlight much
morphologic information on these two complimentary views. Obvi-
ous features include the large, north-facing summit breach on
Greater Ararat, smaller subsidiary craters on the west flank of
Greater Ararat, and a line of cinder cones , probably following a
fracture zone between the Greater and Lesser peaks. Several lava
flows are obvious: for example, a large, bulbous flow can be
seen coming from one of the western craters on STS045-619-061.
These data lend insight into the relative type and timing of vol-
canic product on this complex.