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Spacecraft nadir point: 41.7° N, 74.3° W

Photo center point: 41.0° N, 74.0° W

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Nadir to Photo Center: South

Spacecraft Altitude: 160 nautical miles (296km)
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Image Caption:
STS042-75-061: Long Island, NY This image was acquired
from STS-42 on 26 January 1992 at 14:00:48JGMT using a 250 mm
lens. At this time, the passage of a strong cold front has
brought clear skies and exceptionally good viewing conditions to
the Long Island area, and cold, dry air moves from left to right
across the image. Over Long Island Sound, both moisture and heat
are being transferred from the water surface to the air, causing
the lowest layers of air to become a bit unstable. Note the
cloud streets that form over Long Island. If each street is pro-
jected upwind towards the Sound, an inlet will be found. This
extra length of travel over the warmer water, coupled with a
near-surface funneling effect, is sufficient to initiate vertical
motions that are manifested downwind as cloud streets. Once
formed, a street will suppress cloud formation immediately adja-
cent to it but may generate secondary streets some distance away.

STS-42 Earth observation taken aboard Discovery, Orbiter Vehicle (OV) 103, is of New York City (NYC), New York (41.0N, 74.0W). Snow cover highlights the large areas of development and the many reservoirs in this wintertime scene of the metropolitan NYC area. Features such as Central Park in Manhattan, the George Washington Bridge connecting Manhattan with New Jersey, street patterns in most of the boroughs, La Guardia and JFK airports in Queens, and the extensive harbor system are easily identified.