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Spacecraft nadir point: 21.6° N, 1.5° E

Photo center point: 22.0° N, 3.0° E

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Nadir to Photo Center: East

Spacecraft Altitude: 162 nautical miles (300km)
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Image Caption:

The effects of wind and water--Dominant winds from the southeast
blow dustings of sand across a low massif of dark rock in south-
ern Algeria (top), giving rise to sand streaks downwind. All
along the east side of the massif lies a long sand dune parallel-
ing the windward edge of the massif (top right). This is an ex-
cellent example of an "echo dune." The effects of flowing water
are less dominant than those of wind in this area: the major,
north-flowing drainage of the area can be seen in the middle of
the image. Image scale: approximately 50 miles along a side.
(S41-90-010, 012)