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Photo center point: 46.5° N, 81.5° W

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Spacecraft Altitude: nautical miles (0km)
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Image Caption: STS028-153-AS

Sudbury Structure The Sudbury structure (46 36'N, 81 11'W) is highly
eroded and appears as an ellipse rather than a circular crater. The
arrows mark the northwest margin of the structure. The Sudbury
stucture (1) is the oldest and largest impact feature in North
America. The town of Sudbury is the lighter colored area with the
white smoke plume. The Sudbury structure includes the town of Sudbury.
A rectangular agricultural area lies northwest of the city of Sudbury
(north is to the lower left), and continues to the left of this view.
The Sudbury structure has a diameter of 14 km and an age of 1850
+ 150 m.y.