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Contrasting Landscapes T36

The Komati, Sabi and Olifants Rivers (1, 2, 3) all drain eastern
South Africa; they cut through the low Lebombo Mountains (4-4)
and enter the broad coastal plains of Mozambique. The sharper,
narrower patterns west of the Mountains result from rivers flow-
ing in hard, faulted rocks; on the east side, in Mozambique,
rivers flow on their own, younger unconsolidated sediments, form-
ing very broad floodplains (5-5). Recent soil erosion allows
these areas to be more easily seen. Political accords between
South Africa and Mozambique were signed at the small border town
of Komatipoort (6) a few years ago in an attempt to quell fight-
ing in Mozambique. (S08-38-2386)