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Photo center point: 30.5° S, 59.5° W

Nadir to Photo Center: Southeast

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Image Caption: NM23-719-444 Rio Parana, Argentina Winter/Spring 1997
The east-west boundaries of the broad floodplain of the south flowing Rio Parana can be discerned on this near vertical view of the river in northeast Argentina. The major braided channels within the floodplain present a whiter-looking surface than the less turbulent, muddy water along the edges of the floodplain. The thin, light-colored linear features on the image are roads and the angular-looking field patterns on either side of the river's floodplain are cultivated fields used for agriculture. (Refer to NM23-719-442, NM23-719-446, and NM23-719-448 for other images and information about this section of the Rio Parana in northeast Argentina).