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Spacecraft nadir point: 33.6° N, 55.0° E

Photo center point: 30.0° N, 48.0° E

Nadir to Photo Center: Southwest

Spacecraft Altitude: 203 nautical miles (376km)
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Image Caption: A wide view of Kuwait. In successive flights over the past 5 years, the borders of Kuwait with its neighbors have become markedly more visible. There is clearly a landuse difference between Kuwait and the neighboring countries. The oil and tar lakes produced from the 1991 Gulf war are still visible, but are diminishing rapidly. It has been suggested that the Kuwaiti effort to remove land mines throughout the country has impacted the vegetation. Hence, the marked difference in vegetation, or color as seen from space in outlines the nation of Kuwait. Also note the relatively drained and devegetated region bounding the lower Tigris-Euphrates River system in Iraq. Just a few years earlier this land was thick swamp. Compare this slide with the 1991 view, taken during the Gulf War (STS37-152-184).