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Spacecraft nadir point: 8.1° S, 112.7° E

Photo center point: 3.0° S, 114.0° E

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Nadir to Photo Center: North

Spacecraft Altitude: 223 nautical miles (413km)
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Image Caption: Thunderheads, Borneo, Indonesia

Late afternoon sun casts long shadows from high thunderhead anvils over southern Borneo. Crews aboard the International Space Station have recently concentrated on panoramic views of clouds--taken with lenses similar to the focal length of the human eye. These images reveal the kinds of views crews see -- huge areas of the planet, with a strong three-dimensional sense of what it is like to fly 350 km above the Earth.

Winds usually blow in different directions at different altitudes. High-altitude winds are clearly sweeping the tops off the many tallest thunderclouds, generating long anvils of diffuse cirrus plumes that trail south. At low levels, "streets" of white dots -- fair-weather cumulus clouds -- are aligned with west-moving winds (image lower left). Small smoke plumes from forest fires onshore are also aligned west.

Storm formation near the horizon -- more than 1000 km distant (image center) -- is assisted as air currents rise over the central mountains of Borneo.