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Spacecraft nadir point: 31.8° N, 88.8° W

Photo center point: 30.0° N, 90.0° W

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Nadir to Photo Center: Southwest

Spacecraft Altitude: 188 nautical miles (348km)
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Image Caption: ISS010-E-10227 (11 December 2004) --- Most of Greater New Orleans, Louisiana was captured with an electronic still camera as the Space Station made one of its many passes over the central Gulf of Mexico coast. In the almost vertical view, north is toward the top of the frame. New Orleans Lakefront Airport and a portion of the long causeway are recognizable features associated with Lake Ponchartrain in the top half of the frame. The Superdome is visible as a needle head sized object in the center of the image. The Mississippi River can be seen snaking horizontally through the picture.