STS090-721-076 Waco Area, Texas, USA April 1998
The view south along Interstate Highway 35 (thin, light-colored line) extends from north of Waco (cluster of light lines near center of image) to Temple, which is barely discernible at the top of the picture. Two large reservoirs, Lake Waco (immediately west of Waco) and much larger Belton Lake (upper right; irregular shape, lighter color) are clearly visible on the west side of the interstate highway. The V-shaped runways of Waco Airport can be seen along the north side of Lake Waco. The Brazos River flows southeastward and passes through downtown Waco. Southeast of the city the meandering Brazos River with its main channel, sand bars (whitish looking areas along the main channel), and an extensive floodplain is evident. Cultivated fields are visible in the fertile soils of the floodplain southeast of Waco. The hills to the west of Interstate Highway 35 are on the edge of the Comanche Plateau; while the flatter landscape east of the interstate highway is intermixed with trees and grasses of the Grand Prairie.

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